Principal's Corner

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year. My name is Shaun Jacques and I have been given the humbling honor of being selected as the principal for Swansea High and our 9th grade campus. Rather than having two separate schools with separate names, we are creating one school family that we refer to as “SHS United”. This year 9th -12th grades will be consolidated with one principal and three assistant principals directing both schools. Our administration and faculty have been planning authentic learning experiences for our students, that will enhance engagement, requiring application while participating in relevant real-world scenarios.

Our goal is to provide our stakeholders with excellent customer service and encourage parental participation. We will host celebrations, events and academic platforms to showcase students’ learning using authentic audiences. As a comprehensive high school, we have the tools to prepare our students for their futures, whether they are entering the workforce, pursuing secondary education, attending technical colleges, or enlisting in military service. All students will walk across the graduation stage with not only a diploma but also a plan for their future success.

In order to provide academic rigor our instructional focus will be directed towards continuing to develop a personalized system of learning. This will be done through the implementation of an inquiry instructional model. Project-based learning, problem-based learning, SC content level standards, field studies and competencies are some of the resources that will be facilitated. As members of Transform SC, ReDesign competencies, and CMSTEPP, we use research-based, best instructional practices to ensure we are always aligned with producing the Profile of the School Carolina Graduate with enhanced interpersonal and soft skills.

Please assist our school community by discussing and reinforcing with students the need to wear school ID’s daily. We want all our students to adhere to the dress code as professional students preparing to enter the workplace. All book bags must be placed in lockers during the school day. This includes draw string bags. Safety and providing an educational environment that proactively seeks inclusivity while fostering positive social and emotional interaction and development is a common goal for the school community.

Thank you for allowing me to serve the SHS United community,

Shaun Jacques


SHS United 

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